Land Your Dream IT Job
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Land Your Dream IT Job

This course is designed to help you accelerate your career in Information Technology and help you land your dream IT job in record time! It gives you all the insights, strategies, tips and more that you can execute on step by step to achieve your career goals.
Skill Level
2 Months

The Land Your Dream IT Job course is a 7 week course designed to help you develop the right mindset, carve the perfect career path, and help you land the dream job you desire in record time.

Meet your Instructor

"I'm a passionate, pragmatic, and creative engineer/entrepreneur with extensive leadership, IT project management, strategic technology planning, and technical consulting experience."


Become financially independent

The average engineer earns 110k a year, during its first 3 years of professional work. After that sallary keeps raising, for example, an average engineer can achieve 140k after 3 years of experience.



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Comes with no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee!
The ability to apply yourself
Any modern computer with a PDF viewer installed
An internet connection and web browser
A basic familiarity with Information Technology is helpful, but not required.
The Process for Self Discovery
Identify your Strengths and Weakness
Develop a Growth Mindset
5 Paths to a Six Figure Salary
Strategies and Tactics for Promotion
The IT Ecosystem (Big Picture)
IT Architectures and Trends
How to Research Companies for Job Seeking
How to Build a Vision Board
Building Your Personal Brand
How to Properly Research and Study
Building Flashcards to Prepare for Meetings & Interviews
Preparing Your Job Application
Social Networking for Job Seeking
How to Practice for, Learn, and Master the Interview Process
How to Make an Impression in an Interview
How to Close with the Follow Up
Getting the Job Offer
Learn How to Negotiate the Job Offer
Accepting or Declining the Offer
How to Stay Sharp
Your First 90 Days on the Job
How to Maximize Your Value
Networking for New Opportunities